Buyer's Guide To Real Estate | Cecil Clark



Why work with a REALTOR? As a REALTOR working for a buyer, I can save you time and money on the purchase of a new home! Also, I can often show you houses gleaned from sales meetings before they even go on the market! Many homes in Birmingham are sold this way! Most importantly, I can guide you through the complicated process of home buying, step by step, and help you to avoid mistakes. In Alabama, the LISTING AGENT works for the SELLER. When you work with a BUYERÆS AGENT, you have someone representing YOU! Alabama is a caveat emptor state. That means ôlet the buyer bewareö. Buyers must be careful! Thus, most real estate transactions in Alabama involve two agents - one working for the seller and one working for the buyer.

What will I do for you? I will assist you through the entire process! Initially, I will help you to determine what price range you can afford. That is the first step. (You may already know what you can afford.) The second step is often loan pre-approval. If you choose to work early with a loan officer and get approval, this puts you in a good position to buy. At Realty South, you can choose to use our in-house loan specialists to make the process fast and easy or I can refer you to other local professionals. Next, I will work up a comparative market analysis for the neighborhoods that you are interested in. This helps us to know how much homes in the area have sold for in the past and what they are now selling for. I will show you homes that meet your requirements and I can give you e-mail or phone updates of new listings as they come on the market. I know Birmingham. And once I know you, I can guide you into neighborhoods I think you would like. Hot properties come up during sales meetings and are often never advertised in the paper. There are sometimes properties that sell the first day that the sign goes up! Birmingham is an active market. To be competitive with other buyers, it is important to have an agent who keeps you informed. I will do that! You set the tone. I wonÆt pester you. I can be as involved or as uninvolved as you want me to be. My goal is to serve you.

So you have found a home to buy! Now what? The first step is to make an offer, sometimes with contingencies. I will guide you using a contract called the Purchase Agreement. I will advise you to offer the seller earnest money to help ôseal the dealö. It is my opinion that all buyers should request an inspection. I will help you locate inspectors who have a good track record, who are qualified, and who are licensed in the state of Alabama. I will also guide you every step of the way during the inspection process. Your contract may also include other contingencies that we deem beneficial, such as financing, or the sale of an existing home. If your existing home is already sold, is under contract, or is at least on the market, this gives you an advantage. If you do own a home, let me list it for you while we are looking for your new home! I want to put you in the best possible position to transition smoothly.

The offer is accepted! What next? With acceptance of your offer and contingencies met, I will help you get homeownerÆs insurance, notify your loan officer to begin the appraisal process, order title, and set up the closing. We will lock in your interest rate. We will get a good faith estimate of monthly payments and closing costs. We will set the closing date and the moving date. My office uses a handful of extremely qualified real estate attorneys for the closing. Last of all, you will notify your phone and utility companies and move in!!!!!!!

Remember, my goal is to serve you. Home buying can be a daunting process. I want to make it easy. If I can help you in any way, even if you just have questions, please give me a call. I hope you have found this information helpful!!!