Preparing Your Home to Sell | Cecil Clark

Preparing Your Home To Sell


As you prepare to list your home, it's important to put in a little effort and get your house looking as good as possible. Following are are few helpful hints:


1. Clean from top to bottom. This includes windows, baseboards, floors, attics, garages, and closets. Everywhere! Make sure trash baskets are empty. Put bills, mail, etc. out of view.

2. Remove clutter. You want your house to look spacious and clean. Put children's toys away. If you have too much furniture, consider storing some while your house is on the market. The house needs to have a good flow without furniture being in the way. Get rid of all those nic nacs. Leave table tops clutter free with just a few choice items. Also get rid of excessive decor like silk flower arrangements or frilly and froufrou items.

3. Paint if needed. Use neutral colors. Paint is cheap and it's a great way to make a house look fresh. If your house is vacant and shows signs of wear, paint can make a big difference.

4. Remove personal items. There should not be too many family photos. Buyers want to picture their own family living there. Hide that raggedy heirloom that may be special to you, but maybe not to someone else

5. Open blinds and curtains and let the sun in. Buyers like bright spaces. Leave lights on if your house will be shown that day.

6. Make sure your house smells good. Get rid of smoke and pet odors. It is OK to use a spray scent or scented candle as long as it is subtle. A strong fragrance can be just as off putting as a smoke or dog smell. If you're having an open house, consider baking cookies. Nothing smells like home more than cookies.

7. Make the bathrooms appealing. They must be super clean! Keep the toilet lid closed. Put away all personal items. Consider updating mirrors, faucets, and lighting fixtures.

8. In the kitchen, clear the counters and never leave dishes in the sink. Put small appliances in the cabinets. Consider resurfacing outdated counter tops, cabinets, and worn-out floors. Buyers love an updated kitchen more than anything else!

9. Clean and organize closets to show off the space. Buyers love storage and they will be looking everywhere to see how much storage space your house has to offer. If you have lots of "stuff", store extras at a friend's house while your house is on the market.

10. Invest in new, luxurious bedding that you can take with you when you move. The bedroom should feel relaxing. And always make your bed while your house is listed. The day that you leave for work in a hurry will be the day that you get several showings!

11. Outside, clean gutters, trim bushes, keep the grass cut, paint if needed, plant flowers (especially by the front door), and update light fixtures. The front door should be clean and appealing. If your house has no curb appeal, buyers may not want to come in! Paint if needed. Your house has to look great from the outside. Also replace any rotten wood in the eaves or elsewhere.


If this all sounds like a lot, it is! But it will be worth it. Your house will stand out in the crowd. Buyers have lots of choices these days. Let your house be their number one.


Thank you to Kathy Kemp. áI've included some suggestions from her article in the Bham News.