Seller's Guide To Real Estate | Cecil Clark


Why work with a REALTOR? Exposure and expertise!  Exposure sells houses.  It is one of the most important aspects of selling a home.  As a REALTOR, I will first list your home in the MLS system. Most homes in the Birmingham area are sold through MLS exposure via a seller's agent and a buyer's agent. Today's buyers also self-search the web for homes. By listing with me, your home will appear on our company's search engine as well as many national real estate web sites. What else will I do for you? I will caravan your home to expose it to other realtors (some with ready buyers), hold open houses to showcase your home to both realtors and buyers, advertise your home in local media, and exposure your home through discussion at weekly sales meetings.

Expertise.  I have been selling real estate since 2003.  I know how to correctly price a home and take you from the list to the close.  I will use a Competitive Market Analysis to price your home accurately because accurately priced homes sell faster and stay fresh.  I will also ease the stress that comes with a major financial transaction by handling all the necessary paperwork and guiding you through the process, step by step.  The listing is just the beginning.  I will guide you all the way to the closing. Here's my promise to you:

1. I will provide you with a quicker sale through exposure. As mentioned, exposure sells houses. Specifically, it is the MLS that provides the best possible exposure for your home. By far, most homes in Birmingham are sold through the MLS system to buyers who are already working with agents. Buyers obtained from open houses account for about 14% of all home sales. Yard signs account for about 11% of sales, while print ads account for only about 2% of sales. I will use all of these venues. In addition, I will also market your home through our weekly sales meetings. As the largest real estate company in Birmingham , Realty South has over 1,000 agents. We have a near 50% market share. Our closest competitor has a 4.2% share of the market. This gives Realty South the largest pool of existing buyers who may already be interested in your property! As I mentioned, Realty South also hosts a web site for potential buyers and a free monthly magazine called Home Gallery.  Statistics show that 70% of home buyers today begin their search on the internet! Realty South has the most complete site for consumers in the Birmingham area. Not only will I use all of the above methods to successfully market your home, I will communicate with you at least weekly to evaluate how we are doing. I know that I can get you the exposure needed to help you sell quickly and for the best price!

2. I will put more money in your pocket by pricing your home correctly. First, I will complete a Comparative Market Analysis. I will examine what similar properties in your area have sold for in the past. I will also research what your current competition is selling for. By examining this data, we will come up with a price that we feel is fair. Research shows that homes that are initially priced for a reasonable value, sell faster and for a higher price. Conversely, homes that are overpriced produce fewer dollars and take much longer to sell. I want to work for YOU! My goal is that together, we will come up with a price that makes you comfortable and makes your home desirable to potential buyers. Let me use my expertise to help establish the right price for your home. In the end, correct pricing WILL put more money in your pocket!

3. I will give you less hassle and more convenience. I will handle all the paperwork and guide you through the steps of selling your home in a timely manner. From the listing appointment, to showings, to the closing table, I will be there to serve you! The steps I use include:

a. Gather tax records

b. Complete real estate brokerage disclosure forms

c. Complete the Listing Agreement

d. Complete the MLS forms

e. Complete the disclosure of lead base paint as required by federal law

f. Photograph the house

g. Print attractive informational brochures for buyers

h. Provide a net sheet so that you can estimate your profit after closing

i. Offer you the American Home Shield free home warranty during the listing period

j. Offer tips on how to showcase your home

k. Put a sign in your yard

l. Advertising in local media

m. Set up realtor caravans

n. Setup open houses

o. Show your home to potential buyers

p. Present and examine all offers

q. Hold earnest money with my broker

r. Negotiate the contract and inspection

s. Choose the closing attorney

t. Check termite warranties

u. Check title insurance

v. And the list goes on! I will do my homework before the closing, so that when I attend the closing with you, it will go smooth!

4. I will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your transaction is being handled by a professional. We live in a litigious society. I have undergone extensive training in risk management to protect my clients. There are so many steps involved in selling a home. My goal is to protect you!

5. Finally, I will offer you the Realty South Guarantee of Satisfaction. If at any time, you are not satisfied, I will let you out of our agreement. Of course I think you WILL be satisfied, and I would certainly like the chance to fix any concern that you might have.  My goal is to serve you!  My business is built on referrals. I want you to use my services again and hopefully you will also recommend me to your friends!

I hope you have found this information helpful.  Call me anytime.  Cecil Clark 205-706-3564